5 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Biggest Movie Franchises

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There’s a good reason Star Wars, Star Trek, and James Bond are some of the world’s biggest movie franchises; they bring us into an incredible world of adventure and excitement, igniting our collective imaginations! Imaginations hungry to know more about Tony Stark, Captain Kirk, or Luke Skywalker and so we start to examine every frame for clues, diving deeper into every possible detail – and sometimes speculate about what might be.

Well, as it turns out, Hollywood is not the only place that can turn out some mind-twisting ideas; fans all over the world have watched these films countless times and have come up with some ridiculous, unlikely, and incredibly compelling theories about some of our favourite franchises. We all love Home Alone, but what secrets is the family hiding and how exactly is Uncle Frank involved with the huge mess?! Is James Bond an immortal super-spy defending the world from the deadliest evil genius? Or is it a codename for dozens of youngsters recruited and psychologically manipulated by M16 to create the world’s greatest spy? It really helps explain how James Bond has stayed the same basic character for all these years. What if Star Wars isn’t set “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” but millennia in the future, long after humanity has abandoned Earth? See the connection between the film and a Stanley Kubrick classic we all know and love. Well, strap in for 5 Crazy Fan Theories About The Biggest Movie Franchises… and be assured we have evidence to support each of these theories but we’ll let you be the judge!


Benny Russell’s Star Trek
007: Shaken and Traumatized
Tony’s Fantabulous Pym-Powered Nano-suit
Uncle Frank: Mastermind
2001: A Star Wars Story

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